Sunday, July 6, 2014

Examin Sunday 6 July 2014

You shall not dishonour the Name of the Lord your God

Is causal blasphemy – taking the Lord's name in vain – part of your usual way of talking? Using the name of our Lord and Saviour as if it were on the same level as some 'four-letter word' is something that should be a cause of shame to anyone who calls themselves a Christian. More, it is an offence before God. And do you tolerate such behaviour in your presence; even laugh when another uses the Lord's name as part of their 'witty' banter, thereby encouraging them to continue to use the Divine name thus? When we cooperate, freely participate in, or otherwise order, advise, praise, or approve of the sins others commit we not only sin ourselves, but may in fact be one who causes these others to stumble.

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