Sunday, July 20, 2014

short film: an Irish First Holy Communion

The boyfriend of one of my wife's best friends, Brian Stynes, is a cameraman and short film maker. The one posted below has done quite well on the circuit of film festivals and also has been picked up by RTE (Ireland's national broadcaster) for their short film slot. It details the chaotic few minutes in one Cork household before they head out for the church for their daughter's First Holy Communion. It is slightly over eleven minutes long and remarkably was done in only one take - no camera tricks or editorial slight of hand - an amazing feat for the director, cameraman, and the cast (I didn't catch a one of them flicking an eye at the camera roving through their midst even once). For those worried that the Cork patois might be beyond them, no worries - it is subtitled ... less because the director was afraid that English as spoken in Cork might come across as a foreign language to some, I think, than the sheer realistic bedlam taking place in the house often makes what is being said difficult to catch. Well worth watching for its own artistic merit and as a lovely representation of the lead up to an important rite of passage for most Irish children. 

Note: the film isn't rated, but I would suggest it might be considered PG on the basis of some mild profanity (with the proviso that what is considered mild by someone who has served his time in both the navy and the army might be thought less mild by someone else).

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