Friday, July 4, 2014

the bishop and the biblical scholar

I found this Youtube clip attached to my on line version of the Church of Ireland Gazette when I got back from my holidays (just over a week in the Vendee, France, and very nice it was). I'm a little surprised that it's had less than 600 viewings to date, given that this is such a 'hot' topic in the CofI ... but perhaps that's an indication that folk are starting to suffer from a bit of 'hot topic' fatigue ... or maybe because at over 90 minutes it is long. Whatever, it's a pity, because I think it is well worth watching (although, I must confess I watched it a bit at a time over a couple of days). It is a bit quirky in a sense, as the speakers are quite disparate - one a bishop, approaching this from his own pastoral position on the issue; the other a Biblical scholar who has published extensively on this topic. A bit apples and oranges, as the bishop himself remarked about it afterwards. Still, I thought the discourse very civil, with both speakers stating their case clearly and well, though one or two in the audience seemed to me to be getting a wee bit tetchy with the professor in the face of his unwavering calm and self-assuredness ... and if I recall correctly at least one rather barbed comment was directed at the bishop ... and the moderator was wonderfully even handed, bless him. A couple of warnings: yes, it is in black and white - do not attempt to adjust your screens; and two, some where after the one hour mark the audio and the video seem to go out of sync ... or at least it did for me, and no amount of refreshing the page would fix it ... so it basically becomes radio at that point. But on the whole, as I have already said, worth the watch. 

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