Sunday, August 10, 2014

Examin Sunday 10 August 2014

Why do so many have such a gloomy view of faith, thinking of it only in terms of rules and regulations, of restricting people from following their natural inclinations, of trying to squeeze all the fun out of life? Who would, if given a map to a wonderful land full of great treasure that could only be found by following a certain narrow path, complain how the map constrained his choices as to how he might travel, and how unfair it was that the treasure could only be found in this one place by following this one path? Would he not rather joyfully follow the path, regarding as inconsequential any difficulties he encountered, for the sake of reaching this wondrous place? So too must we be joyful on our journey of faith, grateful that our loving Father has shown us the way we must travel – and we must let our joy be seen by all we meet so that they also may share in it.

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