Sunday, September 14, 2014

Examin Sunday 14 September 2014

'There is no sin which cannot be pardoned except that one which lacks repentance.' 
St Isaac of Ninevah (7th Century)

Jesus died for our sins. And how did he begin his ministry but by echoing the words of St John the Baptist by calling people to repentance, of turning from their sins completely and utterly. To be saved then, we must repent. But how can we repent unless we acknowledge before both God and ourselves that we are indeed sinners? How many today think of sin as being a notion that belongs to a bygone era; and how many more think that it is others who are sinners not they? They heed not the words of Scripture that tell us that Christ was like us in all things, save in sin. To be a human being, therefore, is to be a sinner; and all sinners must repent, in sorrow that they have offended God and in joy that he offers forgiveness, if they would be saved.

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