Wednesday, September 24, 2014

poem: Adam awakes

My wife was going through old diaries the other night and found this in the pages of one. It's dated 15 March '07, Rome. If I recall correctly I wrote it after a visit to the Sistine Chapel. 

Adam awakes

God said to Adam
'Get up, there,
off the ground!'

Adam said back
'How can I do that?
Sure, I'm only dust!'

'That's true,' God said.
He reached out his finger
and gave him a poke.

'Try it now,' He said.
Adam jumped up.
'Great!' he said,'
'this is much better.'

'You're still dust,'
God told him,
'but now you've got
a bit of a spark in you.'

'Will it last?' asked Adam.
'No,' said God,'but
you get to pass it on.'


  1. I like this poem Fr Levi. Thanx. I also like the clock you have on your right. Wish I had similar on my Blog.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks, Victor. You are clearly a man of discernment and taste!

    But seriously, I'm glad you like the poem. It's great finding old things written years ago and all but forgotten - it's like reading them as if they were written by someone else ... there's nothing better than reading a poem and thinking 'I quite like that' and then realising you wrote it yourself!

    The pendulum clock can be found at and you can do a fair amount of customising to make it unique to your blog.

    God bless.

  3. Thank you Father. I'll check out the clock.

    I do a fair bit of writing, mostly Christian fiction as well as serious Christian stuff and also humour (the latter attracts people to my Blog and hopefully they read the Christian material too). I sometimes re-read Christian material which I wrote years ago, like Blog posts, or published books and say: Did I really write that? What is more frightening though is when I ask: Do I really live as I say in my writings a Christian should.

    Praying for you.

    God bless.