Tuesday, September 30, 2014

poem: the poet laughs (at himself!)

What with all this business about google having to take people's info offline, I thought I'd google myself and see what's out there. Not much, as it turns out! But I did come across this poem I wrote in 1999 (apparently - I don't remember it, but it is there with my name and all the right details with it to support the claim). I was writing a lot of haiku at the time (nothing changes!) and clearly I decided to poke a bit of fun at myself with this wee bit of doggerel. 

The moon is up,
the leaves are spinning,
I feel another
ku beginning.

A dog's chained up,
the cat 's in a tree;
that's worth a decent
ku or three!

A distant cloud,
a half-heard song;
why, I could write
these all day long.

But when it's really worth the words
it doesn't seem quite so absurd.

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