Sunday, October 12, 2014

Examin: Saturday 11 October 2014

on the need for vigilance in pursing the virtuous life

'So then, my beloved son, follow the advice I gave you at the beginning of this letter, and do not let yourself be dragged down unwittingly by vice and laziness, so that you forget the gifts you have received through God's love. Bring before your eyes the blessings, whether physical or spiritual, conferred on you from the beginning of your life to the present, and call them repeatedly to mind in accordance with the words 'forget not all his benefits.' Then your heart will be readily moved to the fear and love of God, so that you repay him, as far as you can, by your strict life, virtuous conduct, devout conscience, wise speech, true faith, and humility – in short, by dedicating your whole self to God.' 

St Mark the Ascetic (early 5th Century) 
letter to Nicholas the Solitary
from the Philokalia, vol 1

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