Thursday, October 16, 2014

poem: safe sailing

I've posted a few poems lately that I wrote years ago. Generally they are on found scraps of paper, or in old note-books, and half-forgotten if remembered at all. The following is one I wrote in early 1983 - I remember the date because that was the time when my thesis for my BA in Geography was due and I used this poem as the 'forward' to it (don't ask!). The interesting this is that I have a copy of neither the thesis nor the poem - I have simply kept in my head for over thirty years. Why, I can't say. But I have, and here it is, pretty much exactly as I wrote it all those years ago (the only thing missing is the title, which I can't remember, so I had to come up with a new one).

their boatee was
an eggy shell
their mast and sail
a feather

the wind it blew

the waves they grew
and smashed them
all to pieces

folk said 'twas cruel

the sea would choose
to murder 
valiant sailors

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