Sunday, November 9, 2014

Examin: Sunday 9 November 2014

Christ said that those who would follow him must deny themselves and take up their cross. Therefore it seems advisable that all Christians look at their lives on a regular basis to see where their cross lies. 

Is there anything of self-sacrifice and self-denial in your life? If there is not, this should be of concern to you, because your life lacks something our Lord said was a basic prerequisite to following him. 

And be very honest about what you call your cross. It is all too easy to avoid things you have no taste for and be involved with things you enjoy and persuade yourself they are done in a spirit of sacrifice. 

Pray hard and ponder deeply about where your cross is to be found and do not be afraid to take it up when you find it, for it is Christ himself who asks you to do so.

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