Sunday, November 23, 2014

the sheep and the goats

For today's sermon I essentially did an extemporaneous version of the story 'the visitor' which I told to the children in school on Friday (& which I already posted here).  Sometimes it is appropriate to tell a story ... people listen to stories and they remember them (& they work very well at Family/children's services!). 

Spoiler alert - stop reading here if you don't want to know the passage of Scripture the story is based on before you read the story - it might give away the 'twist' at the end!

The Visitor is, of course, based on the parable of the Sheep and the Goats ... although I should mention that one of my training rector's, a man who opinion I value highly, told me that he thought it incorrect to consider it a parable. Instead he viewed it as a prophetic utterance of our Lord's describing accurately what it would be like at the end of days. Which are, I think, a couple of sentences that are a sermon in themselves. 

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