Sunday, February 1, 2015

Examin Saturday 31 January 2015

The Church that Christ founded is often referred to as a spiritual hospital, echoing our Lord's words in Matthew when he was asked why he ate with sinners. He answered that 'those who are well have no need of a physician.' We are all of us sinners, and it is in the Church that we receive the spiritual medicine we need to heal our souls unto eternal life. For it is within the Body of Christ that we receive the sacraments: born anew in the waters of baptism; fed with the Body and Blood of our Saviour in the Holy Eucharist that we may be filled with his grace and strength; and hear the words of absolution pronounced when we have stumbled and fallen and seek God's pardon. If someone was mortally ill, and yet without reason refused life-saving medical help, we would think them mad or a fool. Why then do so many neglect to seek the more vital help they need in God's house for the salvation of their soul? And why do so many others do so little to bring them where they need to be?

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