Tuesday, February 24, 2015

in space no one can hear you bark ...

My children keep telling me that Bill Gates has spent around 70 billion dollars on a space ticket to be the first man to Mars. I have no idea where they got this story from. Where would one even buy such a ticket? I can't help imagining some guy with an oily smile taking the money, promising to call once the mission was ready to go ... and poor old Bill (very poor once he'd paid for the ticket) waiting by the phone for the call. And waiting. And waiting ...

Alas. The closest I could find by googling it was a suggestion that he privately fund a mission to Mars; but apparently even that would 'only' cost him about $6 billion. So, apparently not a true story. Pity.

Still, my boys and I had fun in the kitchen earlier today when they got home from school, laughing at the idea of Mr Gates spending €70 billion for his ticket and then finding out the person in the seat next to him had paid less ... a lot less (just like I have so many times on Ryanair flights!).'That would be so funny' said one.
'No,' said another, 'Funny would be his finding out the only other passenger on the flight was a dog.' 
(Smart boy that one - clearly knows his space exploration history.)
'Yes,' I said. 'And the tag on the dog's collar would be marked  Laika II.'

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