Saturday, February 28, 2015

Molly Sterling - a star is born

Last night's Late, Late Show was all about picking Ireland's entry for this year's Eurovision song-contest. When Molly Sterling started singing it became about something else. I think it became instead the moment a star was born. Listen to her sing and you'll know what I mean. She's only 16 years old; she co-wrote the song; it was written for the album she's working on; and she's still in school! But listening to the depth and maturity of her voice and the words she sings it is near impossible to believe that they are the product of an adolescent. I don't particularly care for the term 'old soul' but if there is such a thing than this young woman is it.

The vagaries of the voting on the song-contest are such that it is impossible to predict how she'll do (although the thought did flash through my mind last night about thirty seconds after she took to the stage that if she was chosen to represent Ireland then a trip to the bookies next morning to lay down a serious wager on her ultimate success might prove to be a wise investment - alas! I'm not a betting man). But no matter. Molly Sterling is amazing and it is hard not to think that a wonderful career awaits her. 

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