Tuesday, February 24, 2015

when life gives you lemmings ...

There was a great cartoon in the Irish Times this weekend. Lemmings were heading off a cliff, each adorned with the flag of a European Union member state. All but one. The one wearing the Greek flag was running away from the cliff which was marked with a sign reading 'Austerity.' One of those falling off the cliff looked back and saw what the Greek lemming was doing. 'There's always one idiot,' it sniffed. 

Delightful! I, like many others I'm sure, have great admiration for the stand Greece's new government is taking. I truly hope it all works out for this brave nation and that they will not soon be forced to grovel before the EU paymasters, begging bowl in hand, seeking lemming-aid.

(And if you didn't see that one coming, you must not have read the title of this post!)

You can see the cartoon here.

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