Sunday, March 1, 2015

Examin Sunday 1 Mar 2015

The sin of our first parents was to use their God-given free-will to be disobedient towards God. The result is that all mankind since has had a propensity for sin. But the same free-will that allows us to sin also allows us to repent and turn back to God. Make this season of Lent a season of turning to God and turning from sin. Through prayer and the use of the intelligence God gave you discern where it is that you struggle most to obey his will. Remember that sin is not simply what you 'feel' bad about; look to the Sacred Scriptures and Church teaching for guidance as to how it is that you sin. Then, praying for strength to turn away from all that has tempted you in the past, use your free will to decide that you will turn your back on them for-evermore.

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