Monday, March 9, 2015


People sometimes ask why their prayers for the healing of a loved one are not answered. What they mean, of course, is why hasn't the person been cured of the disease that afflicts them. It is a serious question; for the truth is, that while miraculous cures do occur, they are seemingly rare. But another truth is that even though a cure has not occurred, that does not mean that healing has not taken place. We are creatures of body, mind, and spirit and healing can take place on all these levels. Healing can encompass gaining the strength to deal with the bodily pain that illness can bring, the peace of mind needed to face our continued frailty or even approaching death, and the opportunity to draw nearer to God or perhaps even return to him if we had fallen away in the past. To be cured of what ails us is a wonderful thing and certainly something to be prayed for. But in the end, all cures are temporary, for we are mortal and at the last we all must die. But true healing offers something permanent; for it has the potential to last us into eternity. 

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