Monday, May 11, 2015

a funny conversation

Ahem. I thought this was a funny conversation and that I'd share it.

I asked my 12-year old son if he wanted to come to the early morning Eucharist for the Ascension this year (we have one every year near a mountain-top overlooking a wide valley, followed by a cooked breakfast).

'Do I get breakfast? Do I get off school for it?' he asked.
'Yes. No.' I replied.
'OK. Yeah.'

My wife, half-listening, asked:
'What are you doing Tuesday?'
'Thursday,' I said. 'The Ascension is always on a Thursday. It's a bit like Ash Wednesday always being on a Wednesday.'
'I didn't hear what you said. You are so mean,'  she said, laughing.
'I knew that. And yes, I am.'

'You know what else should be on a Thursday?' asked my eldest boy, now 18.
'What?' said his mother.
'Mother's Day. Then it could be call Mothursday.'
'What?' I asked, being very slow.
'Mo-thurs-day,' he said, very slowly.

That is all. Thank you.

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