Sunday, May 24, 2015

Examin Sunday 24 May 2015

Let the Abbot always bear in mind that he must give an account in the dread judgement of God of both his own teaching and of the obedience of his disciples. And let the Abbot know that whatever lack of profit the master of the house shall find in the sheep, will be laid to the blame of the shepherd. On the other hand he will be blameless if he has faithfully shepherded his restless and unruly flock, and took all pains to correct their corrupt manners.'
The Rule of St Benedict, Ch 2. 6-8

We all are under the spiritual authority of some other person. Just as in the monastic community it is the faithful abbot, so in the parish and diocese it is the faithful priest and bishop. All must teach teaching according to the Lord's decrees, for which reason all of their flock must pay them careful heed.

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