Thursday, June 4, 2015

baking my phone

I am currently in the process of baking my mobile phone. The poor wee electronic device has had a hard day. I am not at all sure that it is going to make it.

The sad tale began thus: my phone also serves as my alarm clock and my normal procedure is to stuff it into the pocket of my sweats as I go through the morning routine, getting school lunches made, breakfast started, firing up the computer to check emails and read the paper online. But my two older boys are doing state exams and are being called a little earlier than usual to make sure they've plenty of time to get ready and out the door on time. 

So the phone got left on the bed this morning as, in a breach of routine, I first dashed to their rooms to begin the difficult task of waking teenage boys from their slumber. After that, habit kicked in, and I started getting on with the usual stuff without thinking of the phone. It wasn't until a little later, when I was getting dressed myself that I went looking for it. Not finding it in my sweats pocket, I remembered leaving it on the bed. But this, I found, bare, stripped of sheets. The phone was nowhere to be found.

Naturally, I made inquiries with my wife. 'Ah yes,' she said smiling, 'It was such a lovely sunny day that I decided to get a load of washing on early to take advantage of the good drying weather.'

I won't keep you in suspense. A fast dash to the machine revealed the poor old mobile device spinning forlornly among the suds and sheets. The machine was stopped and the phone retrieved. I stripped it down, removing battery and sim card. The latter went into an even older phone, so that at least I can make calls and receive them. The old phone was dried, swaddled in a tea towel, and put on a heater in my office to dry out. Poor little thing - it's display windows are looking all misty now.

As I said, it is an old phone. It was probably time to replace it anyway. But, of course, I have a lot of phone numbers on it that I'd hate to lose (for some reason my sim - which is even older than the phone - has a very limited capacity). So fingers crossed that it survives.   I reckon it'll be a couple of days before dries out completely and it is safe to put the battery in to see if it still functions. 

So bake on, little phone, bake on.

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