Monday, June 22, 2015

phone resurrection!

I posted about my mobile phone's sad encounter with the family washing machine here. Alas, a day on the radiator and a week in the hot-tank in the airing cupboard didn't do the trick. The phone did indeed work, but the screen was dead which made it functionally useless.

However, not long after putting the post up on the blog a facebook friend suggested putting it in a bag of rice. A couple of days later, as I was explaining to a parishioner why I needed  her mobile phone number again said to put it in a bag of rice. And on a tv programme I was watching a mobile phone that one of the characters dropped in water was restored to full electronic health by - you guessed it - putting it in a bag of rice.

So I thought I might try putting my phone in rice. Not sure where I got the idea from. It sort of just came to me.

After a few days I put the battery back in. The screen still didn't work, but there seemed to signs of life in a corner of it. Back into the bag. Tried it again a couple of days ago. This time a whole strip of life along one side of the screen. No images or data, but still a definite improvement. And then, an hour or so again, I tried again. Perfect. As good as it was before total immersion treatment. All data - phone numbers and photos - back.

Ah yes - rice is nice!

So now, of course, the thing to do is to get an actual phone-book and write down all these numbers that I almost lost ... the thing I told myself I would do the last couple of times my phone died and I lost everything on it. 

I wonder if I will?

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