Sunday, September 20, 2015

Examin Saturday 19 Sep 2015

on the duty and authority of one's father in God
Let the abbot always bear in mind that at the dread Judgement of God there will be an examination of these two matters: his teaching and the obedience of his disciples. And let him be sure that any lack of profit the master of the house may find in the sheep will be laid to the blame of the shepherd. On the other hand, if the shepherd has bestowed all his pastoral diligence on a restless, unruly flock and tried every remedy for their unhealthy behaviour, then he will be acquitted at the Lord's Judgement and may say to the Lord with the Prophet: "I have not concealed Your justice within my heart; Your truth and Your salvation I have declared" (Ps. 40.11). "But they have despised and rejected me" (Is. 1:2; Ezech. 20:27). And then finally let death itself, irresistible, punish those disobedient sheep under his charge.
The Rule of St Benedict, Chatper two

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