Thursday, October 1, 2015

Richard Glossip's death sentance

On September 30th Richard Glossip came within hours of death in an Oklahoma prison before being granted a temporary stay of execution. The stay was not an act of mercy; the state discovered at the lat minute it did not have the drugs it was required by law to use to kill him and had no choice but to put his death on hold - the second time in two weeks that this man had suffered the agony of coming dangerously close to the time he was scheduled to die.

Richard was condemned to death on the basis of the unsupported testimony of the man who admits the killing. Justin Sneed cut a deal with the prosecution for his 'evidence.' In return for implicating Richard, and saying that he had asked him to commit the murder, he was spared the death penalty himself and now enjoys the comforts of a minimum security prison.

Witnesses who have served time with Sneed say that he has boasted of how he was able to save his own life by pinning his crime on Richard. Oklahoma prosecutors dismiss these witnesses, claiming that they are unreliable, because their records prove them to be liars, thieves, and drug users. Ironically, this profile could easily serve to describe their own star witness in the case, a man with a string of convictions proving him a thief, liar, and drug user long before he ever gave testimony against Richard Glossip. And yet his unsubstantiated word is deemed sufficient by these same prosecutors to condemn a man to death.

A new date has been set for Richard's execution, November 6th. There is no intention on the state's part to re-examine the evidence, nor for those involved to examine their consciences as to whether they can be morally certain beyond all reasonable doubt that Richard is guilty of doing what Justin Sneed says he did. The delay is for the sole purpose of sourcing the drugs needed so that when the clock runs out this time Richard Glossip will die on schedule.

During the time he has left, I would urge you to go to the website and sign the petitions there to try and put pressure on the State of Oklahoma to put a halt to this grave injustice. It will only take a few minutes to do so; and it could well help prevent Richard from being killed when his next date to die comes around.

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