Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a lost opportunity

Out and about on a pastoral visit, I was sitting by the fire with a lovely old couple, cup of coffee in hand, when the doorbell rang.
'Who could that be?' said the man, a little testily. 'We're not expecting anyone.' From his chair he glanced out the window.
'I've no idea who they are,' he said. 'They're complete strangers to me.'
That seemed a little odd to me; there house was a difficult enough one to find. I know, because I hadn't been able to find it without detailed directions, and even then I had driven past back and forth several times trying to find the place. His wife got up.
'I'll go see.' She left the room and from the porch we could hear voices. I got up and glanced out the window myself.
'Do you recognise them?' said the man
I shook my head as I sat back down.
Which again was odd. In a small rural community I'd imagined the likelihood would have been high that someone who knew the area well to find such an obscure place would be known  to at least one of us.
'Probably Jehovah's Witnesses,' harrumphed the man.
'Do you think?' I stood up again. 'Because if it is, I should go out and tell them I was here first and they'll have to wait their turn!' At this point, I should mention that not only was I wearing my clerical collar, but also my cassock. The man smiled.
'Maybe they're not,' said the man. 'How would they ever find a place like this?'
'You're probably right.' I sat back down. After a few minutes his wife returned, a couple of leaflets in her fist.
'Who was it?' her husband asked.
'Jehovah's Witnesses,' she replied. 
'You're kidding,' I groaned. I looked at the man. 'I knew I should have gone to the door. It would have been brilliant!'

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