Thursday, November 5, 2015

a very touching incident

I am sometimes almost overwhelmed by how kind people can be. Today I received an email from a gentleman who had seen a letter I wrote in the paper and liked it and wanted to let me know. Almost as an aside he mentioned an article in the paper in Irish that he thought I 'd like. I replied confessing that my Irish language skills were pretty rubbish, but I might try running it through Google translate.

I thought nothing more of it. Then later I received another email from the same gentleman. He said he didn't think Google was very good at translating Irish ... so he was sending me what he called his 'own rough unpolished attempt.'

I found his effort far from rough or unpolished. I thought it beautiful, poetic even. Here's a very brief extract:

They’re let off the leash again. They’ve been let out again. Moving through the world in order to condemn freedom. The sensitive liberals who would censor the raindrops. These tough people who are “wounded”, who become arrogant if a syllable is mentioned which is not sweet to their ears. Certainly not sweet to their ears sweet is the ding-dong of the Angelus which deafens them for a full two minutes a day.

I don't know if the language of the original was as, to use his own word, 'sweet.' If it was, he has reproduced it marvelously; if not, his rendering is a wonderfully creative effort all of its own. 

I find it astonishing that some one would go to so much trouble for a stranger. Such unexpected kindnesses are, as I began, almost overwhelming. They do much to uplift the soul.

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