Monday, November 30, 2015

droning on and on and on

In the video Jeremy Clarkson declares this a story from the not too distant future. A little girl's soccer shoe 'emergency' is dealt with swiftly by way of an Amazon drone.

Humanity is an interesting species. We invent drones. What do we do with them? Use them as toys. Use them as a weapon of war. Use them as a bolt on for online shopping. 

Isn't there a better use? What about, for example, to deliver food, medicine, and other necessities of life to those who are starving and dying in war-torn regions ... but the normal channels for aid are blocked by those who are doing the fighting and killing. 

That's the story I'd like to hear from the not too distant future. How this kind of technology is being used to save lives. That, and an end to the fighting and killing that would make their use in delivering aid necessary. 

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