Monday, November 9, 2015

farewell to X, Seann MM

Very sorry to see Seann Miley Moore exit X-Factor (if you don't watch the show, you won't have a clue what I'm on about here - sorry about that!). The missus is pretty down that he's out also. I reckoned he was in the top five in the contest, based on pure vocal talent. The other four, for informational purposes only and in no particular order, are Louise, Lauren, Ché, and Anton. Ok, I think Ché should win it, but maybe it'll be Louise ... or maybe somebody else completely: based on how it went tonight, clearly what do I know!

I talked with two of my teenage sons about it, trying to get a sense of why it was he lost out. The elder said that while he was clearly a good singer, he didn't find his voice all that appealing - so maybe he was a singer that an older demographic would appreciate? My wife reckoned he was near enough Freddie Mercury (may he rest in peace) back from the dead voice-wise. The younger didn't really go for his image/persona. So maybe people didn't really 'get him'? OK, I don't really get it myself - a muscular guy in tight dresses and high-heels with hairy legs & pits, a handbag, tightly cropped hair, and lots of lippy  ... but an old soldier like myself has to look past a lot of things in this brave new world of ours, and in the wider context of things I didn't find him all that extreme. In fact, I thought he seemed like a very sweet and genuine guy. 

So, a real shame in my opinion that he's gone. He's a brilliant singer, and it is a singing contest, after all. Still, with a voice like that I'm sure he'll do well. And if Queen ever decide to trade in the guy they got to replace Freddie, Seann is your only man!

Go to a bit after the two minute mark to hear Seann singing Freddies's 'The Show must go on'

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