Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris attacks

My mind has been reeling since reports began to come in last night about the attacks in Paris. How can anyone behave in such a fashion ... walk into a restaurant or a concert and start shooting people? Saying that such behaviour is pure evil hardly begins to cover it.

There are all sorts of theories in the media about what causes such an attack. I'm no expert so I won't comment. But I do think it worth noting that the people who do such things hope to provoke a response that they can use to their advantage. So we - by which I mean the West - should be careful how we respond. It is bad enough that all these people have suffered and died; would it not be to add to their injuries if their pain was to the ultimate gain of those who perpetrated it?

So I think now is a time for prayer. Prayers for the injured and the dead and all others affected by this atrocity; prayers for those who behave in such a vile, inhumane, and ungodly way that their hearts may be turned from this evil; and prayers for all those in authority that they will respond to what has happened with wisdom, so that the acts these people did to gather strength and support for their movement will only serve to weaken them further and cause people (especially those who already support them) to run from them rather than turn to them. 

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