Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jeremiah Burke, RIP

Jeremiah Burke + 13 Nov 1927 - 22 Dec 2015

Please pray for the soul of my father, Jeremiah Burke, who passed away this morning. A gentle man and a gentleman who was, inter alia, God-fearing and a true son of the Church, a faithful husband, a good father, a loving grandfather, a loyal friend, a fine saxophone player, and a superb car mechanic. 

He let me watch the greatest comedy ever made, and still my favourite,  'Some like it Hot' when I was four, used to let me sit on his knee while we watched the 'Dean Martin Show' late at night on our huge black and white television in our apartment in New York while my mother was on the grave-yard shift in the hospital where she was a nurse and my brother and sister slept, and paid for a new kitchen in the old house I was doing up by presenting me with a wad of cash fat enough to choke a horse that he won by placing a fifty-pound note that he found blowing along the pavement on a 60-to-one long-shot to win!

Alas, he was known to add 7-up to malt whiskey! But I suspect that will not be held against him in the place where tears and sorrows are no more.

May light perpetual shine upon him; may he rest in peace to rise in glory. 


  1. You seem to have had a splendid father. God blessed you. May he rest in Christ. I will pray for him.

  2. Dear Fr. Patrick,

    I am sorry to hear of your great loss. Rest assured that my wife Kim and I will pray for your father's soul.

    Also I still hope to send you a pm. Very, very pressed right now on multiple fronts …

    Feeling for you tenderly in my heart and wishing you strength and courage,