Saturday, January 9, 2016

buried treasure!

You know that feeling of surprise or delight you get when you put on a coat you haven't worn for a while and find a fistful of change in the pocket that adds up to quite a bit? Or when you're cleaning the couch and find a bunch of coins down the back? Take that feeling and multiply by a factor of about 20 and you'll be where I was yesterday evening when I finally got round to unpacking a box in my office that was packed up who knows when.

Here's how the story goes. About 13 years ago I did a sponsored head shave for charity. Having a pony-tail at the time and getting the support of a lot of my civil service colleagues behind me I raised a fair amount. A lot of that came in coins ... which I duly counted and bagged up. I wrote a personal cheque for the total raised and sent it off to the charity. The bagged up coins were supposed to go into my bank account.

As you can guess, that didn't happen. Shortly thereafter we moved house ... a frequent occurrence in our lives (we've moved six times since the head shave). The coins got packed up (obviously, although I have no memory of it ... I thought the coins had gone to the bank like they were supposed to!). The box I found them in has books-on-tape that I was listening to while making the long, lonely journeys each week from Youghal to Dublin while I was in Theological College (seminary) about eight years back, so I've no idea how the coins ended up in it. 

But hey! great fun to find them. Small handfuls have been given to my children as they headed off to the Young Scientist Exhibition in Dublin today to spend on such necessities as chips and pizzas. Another reasonably sized handful was given to my wife to pay for the parking to enable the children to do the exiting things they would do in Dublin (with enough left over, I think, to pay for some essential coffee and cake if she should so chose). 

The rest were carefully placed, still in their bags, in a drawer. Perhaps I shall buy myself something nice in the coming weeks. Unless I forget and don't find them again for another 13 years!

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