Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie RIP

I was born in 1962. That means that by the time I became aware of popular music David Bowie had been a star of popular music for so long that he seemed to be a permanent fixture of that particular firmament. 

I think I was always a fan. Why? Well everyone has their own individual reasons. I remember once while I was in college in 1981 trying to explain why I liked him so much to a gang of my fellows; we were in Brittany on a field-trip and as we wandered, only slightly drunkenly, through the darkened streets of a sleeping Breton town I pontificated: 'Others may make music; but Bowie is the music. That's why people will listen to him forever.' 

Whatever about forever, 35 years later I remain a fan. I am far from being alone. His death brings sadness and surprise to all who loved his music. Our loss doesn't compare to that of his family and friends - they have lost a husband, father, friend ... a person that they knew and loved. But for us others it leaves a gap nonetheless, and brings a certain sadness. We still have the music; but the man who made it is gone and nothing more will be added to it. May he rest in peace.

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