Tuesday, January 26, 2016

putting the quiet on them!

This, I think, is a good one. An elderly priest of my acquaintance, a charming old-school warrior of the faith, recounted the following to me:
'On more than one occasion I've had militant atheist types come up to me and, in a deliberately insulting fashion, say something along the lines: 'So how are your imaginary friends getting along?' By 'imaginary friends' they mean, of course, Almighty God, the three persons of the Blessed Trinity. My response back is along the lines of: 'Well, now. If God's imaginary, I've lived a good life by believing in him and I have no regrets and will continue to do so until I die. But what of you? What happens when you die? What of you if you discover then that he's not imaginary? I'll tell you, that puts the quiet on them!'
A finer, and more down to earth, off the cuff exposition of Pascal's Wager I've yet to hear!

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