Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Space Oddity/International Space Station mash up!

So there we were, my boys and I, sitting in front of the big-screen in the living room watching David Bowie videos on Youtube. Call it nostalgia time for dad and forced history of music for them! Some they had heard of and liked; others they hadn't and were less sure of. Attention span drifted; a laptop was opened; a different Youtube video was thereupon watched.

'This is so cool,' said one. 'We should watch this on the big-screen.'
'This' was a time-lapse video from the international space station.
'It kind of fits your Bowie theme,' said another. 'We could watch it while playing that Major Tom music.'

'OK,' says I. 'Open a new tab; put up the space station video. Mute the audio on that. Pull up Space Oddity. Then play them both at the same time.'

You know what? It was really cool watching the space station footage while playing Space Oddity as the background music. The video and the audio matched up really well; and the two videos are roughly the same length so it words out. Try it. I think you'll like it!

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