Sunday, March 27, 2016

Examin Easter 2016

This holy morning we rejoice to remember that our Saviour has risen from the grave, conquering sin and death. How many pause to remember that Christ began his earthly ministry with a call to repentance? In this age many do not repent because they do not think themselves guilty of any sin. The Gospel truths may accuse them, but the world applauds them, and it is the latter that they prefer to believe. We must pray for them night and day; and strive to lead lives of every greater holiness ourselves; so that by our prayers and example we may turn them from the evil which ensnares them and places their immortal souls at risk.


  1. Χριστὸς ἀνέστη ἐκ νεκρῶν,θανάτῳ θάνατον πατήσας, καὶ τοῖς ἐν τοῖς μνήμασι, ζωὴν χαρισάμενος!

    A joyous and blessed Easter to you, AB!