Sunday, March 20, 2016

the long gospel

Today is the Palm Sunday also called Passion Sunday. The first because it is the Sunday when we read the Gospel of the our Lord's triumphant entry in Jerusalem ... joyful, yet ominous as it marks the beginning of Holy Week and therefore starts the countdown to the events of Good Friday. The second because is the Sunday when we read what is called the Long Gospel, one of the evangelists accounts of our Lord's Passion from the Last Supper to his being laid in the tomb. Why do we read it this day? Because next Sunday is Easter and if we did not read it this day there would be no Sunday on which these important events in Salvation History were heard read in our churches. And because the Gospel is so long, generally there is no sermon. This is the Sunday we let Sacred Scripture speak for itself, unfiltered, raw; what need is there for more words when the blood of our Saviour is still fresh on the wood of the Cross. Some silence after, yes. Let people reflect for themselves on the awesomeness of Christ's sacrifice. But no more words. The Word has spoken; let man keep silence. 

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