Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ireland: amnesty international and abortion

Life Institute, one of Ireland's pro-life groups has a very interesting article here called Amnesty’s claims demolished by Irish Times responses. It outlines how Amnesty has been weighing in on the debate on abortion in this country and stating repeatedly that abortion is, in fact, a right under international human rights law. I and others have refused to let them get away with such an outrageously false claim ... as Life Institute's article makes clear!

In fact, the story has moved on slightly from where the article leaves off. Breda O'Brien wrote a further article, in which she points out that some of Amnesty's own lawyers have accepted no such right exists. The lawyers in question responded, conceding that there was no explicit right, but trying to shift the ground to the claim that there was 'an interpreted right' based o on accepted jurisprudence. Their incorrect claims have been challenged by barrister William Binchy, who points out that 'the International Law Association, our own Supreme Court, and an overwhelming consensus of human rights scholars agree that the observations of human rights bodies are not legally binding under international law'; and I pointed out that a non-existent interpreted right could not supersede the actual right that exists in these treaties - the right to life. 

That's the 'state of play' at the moment. It shows, I think, the importance of challenging these falsehoods wherever and whenever they arise. If they are left unchallenged, it is all too easy for such lies to be seen as the truth in many people's minds. 

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