Friday, May 6, 2016

so atheism is a religion?

This is a real hoot. An atheist and member of the group Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing the chaplaincy office of the US Congress for not - get this - inviting him along to be a guest chaplain and pronounce some kind of non-religious blessing or other from the floor of the House. The chaplain is sticking to his guns (and laughing away merrily too no doubt) and refusing to back down. But the interesting thing is this: if atheists now think they should be treated as guest chaplains ... does this now mean that, some at least, accept that their's is for all practical purposes a religion? Or at least some equivalent form of belief system? And since the suit is being taken by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, does this mean that what they really mean is freedom from every religion accept their own God-free religion? Inquiring minds, as they say, want to know!
(you can read more about this story here)

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