Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Have you heard the one about the journalist who looked at a beach?

So, I heard about this Australian journalist who had sparked outrage by posting a racist joke about the Irish on instagram and twitter. Oh dear I thought, as I googled the story, prepared to be offended. Finding it, I found that what he had done was to caption a picture of a beach near him that had been devastated by a recent storm with the following:

Coogee demolished over the weekend and for a pleasant change the Irish aren’t to blame.

Gentle readers, what can I say? I was not offended; instead, I burst out laughing. The beach looks like Temple Bar in Dublin or Pana in Cork on the Sunday morning after a wild Saturday night. And Coogee beach, for those who are unaware, is a well-known haunt of the young Irish who make their way down under for the almost obligatory year or two of work, sun, and fun that so many head to Oz for these days.

The journalist refuses to apologise for what he says was a joke. But perhaps I should for my failure to be sufficiently thin-skinned or politically correct enough. Try as I may, I cannot take offense at his remarks. But maybe I'm just congenitally disinclined to take anything that gets the online lynch mob going too seriously.

However, there is something about the story that one might take offence at were one so inclined. On his twitter feed I found the following concerning his post:

'Horrible racist comment, shame on you, you'd kick up if we were racist to your kind. Lucky the Irish are so easy going...!!'

'Your kind'? The name of the journalist in question is Josh Massoud; and based on his surname and the photos of him available of him online he appears to be of middle-eastern decent. 'You'd kick up if we were racist to your kind'Oh, the irony of it all! Forgive me for saying it, but it seems they just were. And he apparently has not. Kicked up, that is. So Mr Massoud, it appears, is an easy-going enough fellow ... even if his critics are not!

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