Sunday, July 10, 2016

Examin Sunday 10 July 2014

Christians are called to be citizens of heaven. This means we live in the world but our first loyalty is to the Kingdom of God. We must, of course, be good and law-abiding citizens of this earth – in fact we should be the best of all citizens, the kind that others should be inspired to model themselves on. But that does not mean we can ever let ourselves forget our citizenship of heaven; or ever relax even for a moment our duty to live by God's Holy Laws. And if the laws of man and the laws of God come into conflict then we must put God's first. This does not make us bad members of the secular society; in fact it makes us the best. For all law comes from God; and where man's law does not follow God's then it is of necessity a bad and evil law. And the Christian who acts to correct it serves not only God but his fellow man as well.

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