Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice:everything is a weapon; everyone is a target.

The horror of what happened in Nice yesterday is staggering. Families out enjoying a national holiday are mowed down by a previously ordinary seeming young man driving a truck. Men, women, and children chosen for no other reason than they were gathered together to enjoy the day and were a soft target, completely defenseless ... and that the randomness and scale of the attack would only serve to make it more appalling.

This is terrorism in its purest form. Everything is a weapon. Everyone is a target. And it is almost impossible to predict who the perpetrator may be and protect oneself from his or her evil actions. 

Please pray for the victims, the dead and the injured, and those who love them; and all those in the emergency services who have deal with close quarters with such shocking things. Pray also for those tempted to commit such atrocities that they will be given the strength to resist. And pray for us all, that we will not be overwhelmed by such evil. 

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