Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Out walking the dog last night with my son, a nearby tree suddenly erupted. The sky overhead was suddenly filled with crows. They seemed to pour out of the leaves - black streams running out into the air for over a minute until the sky above us was speckled with them. The wonder of it - that a single tree can contain so many birds ... and not little ones, like sparrows and finches, but large ones like crows. A moment before they went airborne I would have thought we were alone - a man, a boy, and his dog and not another living thing in sight. The next we were overshadowed by thousands of beating wings, thousands of beating hearts. And that was only one of the many trees in the area that I know also serve as rookeries and equally team with life. I know there are times when we act as if we own this planet. But really we don't. At best we may claim to share it.

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