Sunday, August 21, 2016

Examin Sunday 20 Aug 2016

Honour your father and your mother
The first and most obvious meaning of this commandment is of the duty of young children to obey their parents in all that is lawful. This includes the child being obedient to all in authority over them. But this commandment also speaks to parents. They have a duty to not only to care for children's material needs, but to pass on the faith by word and example of life. Just as the first will often require sacrifices, so too will the other. And it speaks to us all: first in the duty of care that we must have towards the elderly and infirm among us, cherishing them and doing all we can do to respect the dignity they are due as children of God; and also, as with children, respecting all lawful authority. That obedience extends to the authority exercised by the Church founded by Christ himself.

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