Wednesday, November 2, 2016

prayer diary Wednesday 2 Nov 2016

'Whoever does not carry the cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.' 
Luke 14. 27

We should not be afraid to take up our cross; it was through Christ's cross that our salvation was made possible. Unless we take up our own, by a denial of self and a commitment to the Gospel life whatever the cost in this world, then we reject the salvation he offers.

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  1. ​​​​​Forgive me, Patrick, for responding to your "blog" directly because I am not
    yet familiar with the correct way. I love your background handwritten
    letter; it reminds me vividly of some old letters I found which my
    grandfather (born in the year of our famine), wrote to his future wife who
    lived in America. He once left Clonroche to go to her but turned back at
    Waterford. Fortunately she returned, married him and produced my father.
    Quote: "Billy was dying..." wonderful. "Poor Aunt Lena..." my Elvira's
    mother was named Lina, the Italian version but pronounced the same.
    I note today's diary has the quotation "whoever does not carry the
    cross..". I am surely carrying my cross; I never thought it would be so
    hard. And as for your quotation from Luke 6 - believe it or not I can recite
    the whole sermon by heart and I have stood at the base of the hill in
    Israel (it is not a mountain) and have looked up and "saw" a preacher and
    heard him preach in Aramaic, but I understood every word.
    May God walk with you.